Pro-Ride® is the Next Generation in all-weather synthetic track

Pro-Ride Product Details


The very first Pro-Ride® training track was installed in early 2000 and was a wax based track. Within the first year of installation it was apparent that in the harsh Australian climate waxes were not the answer. Test results indicated that the wax had melted to the bottom of the footing providing a very inconsistent and unsafe surface. The melted wax was also affecting the drainage layer.

This was the starting point of the development of the world's first polymeric binding system. A system that could control the viscosity (stability), be more elastic with shock absorbing cushion and provide a more consistent and safer footing than the wax technology that was currently being used around the world.  Pro-Ride® is the only synthetic footing that does not make use of wax as a binder.

This breakthrough in binder technology has set Pro-Ride® apart from its competitors. By providing the binder in an emulsion form, it is therefore:

  • Easy to transport and store
  • Can be applied in wet conditions
  • Requires no special equipment 
  • Does not have to be heated for application

Footing Properties

The Pro-Ride® footing is a combination of selected sands treated with our binders and combined with our cushioning fibres. These are all carefully measured and blended to provide high load bearing properties with increased shear strength and low kickback.

The polymer based Pro-Ride® binder has a more stable and wider viscosity range than wax based binders.  This means a more consistent track over a wider temperature range.

The footing has a high level of cushioning as well as very low kick back.

It is the only synthetic footing that was developed in the Southern Hemisphere and therefore caters better to the vast temperature fluctuations that can occur.

Pro-Ride® is sure-footing, has minimal kickback, provides greater hoof support and is the most consistent footing available.

Pro-Ride® Is A High Use/Low Maintenance Footing

This footing supports high volumes of daily work enabling a volume shift to the Pro-Ride® from traditional sand, dirt and/or turf tracks. Our all-weather synthetic tracks generate large financial savings. Pro-Ride® can be used as an all-in-one training and racing footing as per Geelong Racecourse in Victoria.

Unique 2-Phase Cushioning

Unlike other all-weather synthetic footings, Pro-Ride® uses cushioning technology within the molecular structure of the Pro-Ride® binder as well as the inclusion of the Pro-Ride® cushioning agent. This provides a stable footing with the ability to absorb impact from the animal throughout the whole profile.

Reduced Injury Trend

Following the installation of a Pro-Ride® footing, each facility has noted a large reduction in the incidence and severity of musculoskeletal injuries, with most trainers and owners reporting no injuries at all on the footing. Fewer injuries assist in a longer racing life for the horse and a Return-On-Investment unmatched by any other conventional footing.


No water is required to maintain performance of a Pro-Ride® track.

A growing concern for track owners and managers is the constant watering of sand, turf and/or dirt tracks. In the harsh climatic conditions of Australia it is not uncommon for a track owner to distribute 200,000 litres per day. Installation of a Pro-Ride® footing will eliminate all watering requirements.

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